Monday, February 28, 2005

Another cycle come to an end...

I think it's just that I know and like a lot of people, and that people die sooner or later. Animals too. But unlike many things, death seems not to be any less jarring the more of it I experience.

So over the weekend I packed DO and kid into the vehicle and headed out across the mountains to easern WA to attend a class and otherwise just get TF out of town. Beautiful weather, no snow in the passes, which will mean drout but not until later so why worry? On the whole, a very nice trip, and a great start to a great weekend.

Alas, my return was greeted by the news of the death of a friend. He was a talented musician, and one of the real 'tragic' characters I have known. I will miss this guy. He was beautiful, but damaged; an alchoholic/drug user. Probably that's what killed him, physically. Rest easy Neil.

So this morning, we finally got a little rain, and we're due for more if the weather people are correct. Flowers are blooming on the fruit trees, and daffodils, crocuses even dandelions. If we don't get another serious cold snap, we'll have a beautiful spring before long. It's really early this year, which could be a problem if the frost sets in. With luck, the warm weather will hold, the sprng will come without any more disruption.


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