Thursday, August 11, 2005

Our life is made by the death of others. Leonardo da Vinci

Against my better judgment I am compelled to post once more. For the last year, somewhat longer perhaps, I have cared for and loved a gentle man as he progresses throught the torture and deterioration caused by anterior lateral schlerosis - Lou Gherig's disease. What once was an active, beautiful man is now an active mind trapped in a 123 lb lump of flesh. He will die before the year is over, I think, and with him another thread in the story of my life will end.

I now know he is resigned to death, he cannot fight it, and that awareness is devastating to me today. I have had enough of death. I am tired of it. And so I rage against it. Fuck You Death and I mean it! Like big middle finger in Your freaky skull face fuck You!

And to those of you out there lucky enough to be able to read this and walk and talk and eat food through your mouths, get on with living before I fuck you up too.

Saturday, August 06, 2005

A final (?) note...

I'm doing well. Just no time/motivation to blog right now. See y'all again perhaps.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Nothing new to add...

Except to say watch that judicial nomination closely. Seriously folks, remember that "appointed for life" means a long time. And you are incredibly naive if you don't think that the Supreme Court can and will make fundamental changes to your life, liberty, privacy and property given the chance.

This was my biggest issue in the previous election. It's my biggest issue right now. Well not quite the biggest but it's damn important. Do what you can, or help fund others who can do more.

Planned Parenthood
NARAL Pro Choice Washington

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

A post.

I've been spending far too much time not reading blogs lately. Not reading, not posting just generally sitting with my head in that sand pile called 'work.'

It's far too easy to let work take over, particularly given the state of the world around me. At work I can succumb to the illusion that I am making progress, billing hours, generating revenue etc. But occaisionally I do something smart despite myself.

Today for example I met two absolutely brilliant and inspiring friends for lunch. Funny how engaging and stimulating conversation kind of pulls one's head right back up between one's shoulders again. I have not 'come down' yet. Now I need to fetch dinner for DO & kid, but perhaps this'll kick my lazy ass into gear again.

Catch y'all in your comments, fellow bloggers. I might be back...

Monday, February 28, 2005

Another cycle come to an end...

I think it's just that I know and like a lot of people, and that people die sooner or later. Animals too. But unlike many things, death seems not to be any less jarring the more of it I experience.

So over the weekend I packed DO and kid into the vehicle and headed out across the mountains to easern WA to attend a class and otherwise just get TF out of town. Beautiful weather, no snow in the passes, which will mean drout but not until later so why worry? On the whole, a very nice trip, and a great start to a great weekend.

Alas, my return was greeted by the news of the death of a friend. He was a talented musician, and one of the real 'tragic' characters I have known. I will miss this guy. He was beautiful, but damaged; an alchoholic/drug user. Probably that's what killed him, physically. Rest easy Neil.

So this morning, we finally got a little rain, and we're due for more if the weather people are correct. Flowers are blooming on the fruit trees, and daffodils, crocuses even dandelions. If we don't get another serious cold snap, we'll have a beautiful spring before long. It's really early this year, which could be a problem if the frost sets in. With luck, the warm weather will hold, the sprng will come without any more disruption.